Tours & Festivals

Global Backline can facilate booth management for any size festival or national tour.  We have years of experience managing multistage events for large festivals such as Electric Daisy Carnival Colorado, Skylab, Caffeine and Global Dance Festival.  We also have trained backline technicians and backline gear ready to travel with your production team where ever your tour is headed.

Multi-Stage Events


Multi-stage events are what we do best. We can faciliate up to 10 stages with standard backline configurations.  Your event will have a backline tech at every stage. Every stage will be in radio communication with the entire Global Backline event team including the event manager overseeing all the stages.


Save time and money... make one phone call to us and your entire event is handled.

Traveling Music Tours

Why rent gear at every venue, every city and risk the unknown.  May cities just dont have the equipment or technicians with the skill set necessary to handle most national tours.  Secure the backline operations of your tour by having a tech on tour with you every step of the way.  


We can provide technicians and gear for traveling tours and festivals. Save time and money... make one phone call to us and your the backline for your entire tour is our responsibility.  

Gear Sales & Rentals

Already have your own backline technician on staff?  We can sell or rent you the gear you need for our traveling event. We have competitive prices on all the popular gear requested by the top djs.


We stand behind all our products and will ship out additional gear immediately to your next event if you need something last minute.