Custom DJ Booth Design

Global Backline has an experienced team eager to design and/or build the perfect dj booth for your needs. Wether its for a club, home or maybe for a series of events we can build you exactly what you need.  We can build with any material.  Design custom computer configurations to fit the needs of your envirorment.  Even supply you with audio equipment you need to complete the project.



We have designed dozens of DJ booths for night clubs, lounges and events centers.  Forward thinking design with common sense functionality, GBL can design you the exact booth you need in your venue.  Custom LED configurations, embedded equipment layouts, vibration supression... you name it. 


We can even design computer systems to automate sound and lighting for managers to control the club envirorment without a dj present.  


Custom high end dj booths for homes and other private facilities.    GBL can build you exactly what you need .  Premium wood construction, custom metal work, even future designs with plastics and other materials... anything is possible.  


Let us create the ultimate booth for your home.  Design, Contrstruction, Wiring, Equipment Sales and Installation... we do it all.


Sick of having your nationally touring djs playing on a modified folding table or raised 4x8 deck?  Have us build you a custom, portable dj booth with will work for every stage production for years to come.  


Our custom festival dj booths have forward thinking design with common sense functionality.   Our booths are designed to allow for quick equipment changes & unique equipment configurations.  They setup and tear down quickly and we design them to be portable, transport and store easily.